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You have seen other Minecraft server lists before, they are full of empty or poor quality servers that pay to get to the top of the list. Servers for Minecraft only list the best Minecraft servers so you can be sure you are playing on a quality server.

Minecraft servers are servers where you can play Minecraft online with other people from all over the world.

There are servers which you have to pay for and servers which are free. There are also servers dedicated to single player, multiplayer or servers which focus on a specific gamemode such as skyblock, minigames etc...

Some servers only allow users from certain countries, while some servers allow everyone from everywhere. This is usually due to the fact that there are servers that offer paid content/currency/items which could lead into unfair advantages if allowed anywhere. Most trusted servers will let anyone join them since they're not interested in small benefits obtained via monetization of the game itself, instead focusing on their community's growth. Note that most servers offer servers for multiple versions of Minecraft, so you can play with people on other servers as well.

Some servers are dedicated servers which the owner (also known as 'host' or 'administrator') has to constantly monitor and maintain by updating the game to make sure everyone has the best time possible. Some servers are hosted by companies who charges for this service, while there are also free servers where the host will pay nothing but his/her time instead. The latter category usually offers basic services such as ranks without perks that affect gameplay, limited world sizes etc., but does not cost any money - it is up to the user if they want to support what they're playing on via optional donations/tips though. These servers are often recommended due to the lack of restrictions. Some servers are so popular that they have servers located in multiple countries, allowing players to switch servers if they should grow tired of one or if their own country's servers are full/closed at that time.

Many servers will require you to install specific software which will allow you to connect exactly to their server - keep in mind that this kind of connection is not secure, meaning any data sent through it could be seen by other users on the network. The most common servers for users who don't know how to make an account on their own will require them to install a launcher which will automatically create an account for them when they enter their username and password. This method allows them to specify their username once and use it whenever they want to play on that particular server and also allows servers to customize their graphics and texts more easily, since launchers allow servers to only have one launcher which they can then change the appearance of any time. Launchers will often include a selection menu where you can choose what version of Minecraft you want to use with it as well as some servers require certain versions for users to join them - some servers might run Minecraft 1.8 while other servers might need at least 1.9 or 1.10 etc..

The most basic servers start off as 'normal' servers, meaning you can communicate with all players and interact like you would do on a single player world by punching trees and building things together and/or competing over resources (some servers offer pvp (player vs player) which means you can also kill each other). Some servers offer players to work together and live in villages. Others might focus more on pvp with battles taking place wherever players are located. There are servers which have their own thing going, including servers that turn the game into a sort of roleplay where everyone is acting out their own character's personality, servers that have superheroes or villains fighting crime/doing evil stuff etc..

By default servers will only allow you to interact with other players through typing or by using chat commands, but some servers offer certain plugins for users allowing them to fly around freely, play as an animal instead of a human being or even switch servers while playing without having to log off first. These servers have servers for a reason though - they often charge an amount of money which the users have to pay in order to be able to use these perks.

As servers do not work exactly like single player, some servers will expect their players to read information about what they can and cannot do before playing on them - there are plenty of rules that servers put into place regarding certain things such as building within a certain radius from another player or killing everyone you see etc.. It's important that you read all available signs before doing anything online as it is easy to accidentally break a rule without even knowing it. As said earlier however, servers will usually offer several different types of servers so if one isn't working for you, simply try another!

Different servers have different rules. Most servers are free to join but some servers require their players to pay a monthly fee for them to be able to use certain perks/abilities that servers offer - these servers are usually known as 'donor servers' or 'pay-to-play servers'. Other servers might offer their own currency which often either have an ingame value attached to it or work along side real money transactions etc..

Although most servers do not put any extra restrictions on you besides the basic rules of Minecraft, there are still servers which ban users for breaking their rules (most commonly by killing another player). These bans can last anywhere between 24 hours and 1+ years depending on how severe the server considered your actions. If you were banned on a server, make sure you read up about their rules to avoid the same happening again!

A lot of servers offer players to create things using various game modes, materials and possibilities. Some servers might run various types of custom games (game modes) where you play with certain limitations making the game more fun for everyone, some servers allow users to create their own maps which often become popular enough for other users to try out as well. There are servers that focus on building, there are servers that just pvp all day long, servers that turn the game into a survival of the fittest with pve (player vs environment) servers where users have to band together in order for everyone to survive.

There are servers which host minigames - games created by other players which you can play on their servers either alone or with other people, servers which allow users to create projects like train tracks or even full sized roller coasters etc.. If you ever come across various servers and do not know what they're about, always check out their website/forums as most servers will contain information regarding everything!

If there's one thing I could recommend every single player out there to try it would be running your own server - if you haven't done so already. You don't need to be a computer expert or anything crazy, you just need a small amount of time and patience. Setting up your own server will not only give you access to servers which are often restricted from the general public, but it'll also make sure that everyone who plays on your server is who they say they are - this means there's no chance someone could ruin another player's experience by pretending to be them just because servers do not require their users to pay any sort of fee!

If there's one thing I would recommend against doing it's buying servers for Minecraft. It might sound like an amazing idea at first but servers don't come cheap so if you were planning on hosting lots of people at once, prepare yourself for high costs as well as servers which offer very few to none perks/abilities. You get what you pay for so if you don't want people to ruin your servers experience, try sticking with free servers and servers which do not require a monthly fee!

That pretty much sums up the basics regarding servers and Minecraft in general - servers might look scary at first but they're actually very fun and safe places for all kinds of players from around the world!

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