Best Minecraft Bukkit Servers

Bukkit is probably one of the most popular Minecraft servers, which continues to attract a lot of attention from game enthusiasts. It is, for starters, an open-source, free multiplayer game server that allows you to expand the multiplayer server.

The Bukkit server generally allows for several game modes to ensure that everyone is catered to. The best Bukkit are understandably ones that provide the widest variety of Minecraft servers.

We have listed some of the best you will find on the internet. All you need is to choose a server from the list below and start playing. It is quick and easy for anyone who may not have played Minecraft online before. However, if you want to feel the difference by playing on a Bukkit server, this list should serve you well.



If you are looking for a custom survival game experience, Dodgecraft’s growing community more than adequately caters to it. The servers boast of active and friendly players, in addition to response staff who will help you get the most out of the server.

In addition, you can take advantage of Dogecraft’s advanced crafting recipes to extend the survival experience past just getting diamond armor. Gamers have events to explore during the holidays and even compete for rewards.

We found that the staff is highly responsive and takes recommendations/opinions into consideration.

Players are treated to land-protection residences, McMMO, and free fly time when meeting the public goal in addition to lots of other features.



The Bukkit server was initially established in 2011 and had been running for over a decade. The server boasts of a vibrant and welcoming community that consists of both new and veteran players of the game.

The EliteCraft server has multiple worlds. For starters, the Survival/PvE happens to be the main world.
The server features advanced grief protection, including user-based land protection, chest locks, map backups, and disabled explosions. PvP has been disabled except for in nether, but in our experience, joining to start building is quick and easy.

Players are treated to fun and creative multiplayer experiences with friends and without having to worry about grief. In addition, there is a full creative mode, a lot of protections in place, and a couple of World editing commands. In fact, it’s got everything you need to enjoy Bukkit.

CubeCraft Games


CubeCraft Games is the largest server on our list with networks in the world. The server is fun to play on, and it is up 24/7, with the ability to house thousands of players simultaneously.

During our time playing on the server, there were at least a hundred people at any given time but with no noticeable lag. Furthermore, they offer fantastic support and quite a few games that you will not get bored of any time soon.

If anything, the server makes getting into Minecraft Bukkit easy and fun for everyone.

Article written by Chilly
Chilly is a Minecraft player with an appetite for adventure. He spends his days digging deep into the earth, looking for rare materials to craft new blocks and tools. He's always on the lookout for new challenges, which he can find in the form of difficult dungeons or intense battles against other players.
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