Best Minecraft Capture The Flag Servers

Capture The Flag is one of the more popular Minecraft minigames, where the objective is for the player to capture the opposing team’s flag and take it back to their base to score points. Everything needs to be done within the 7-minute time limit. The first team with five captures or those with the highest score than other teams will win.

In the event there is a tie in the points, and the game ends once the timer expires, then it is taken to Sudden Death, where the very next capture will win the game for that team.

Also, there are no respawns. Though if one team kills every player of the opposing team, they will win. Players aren’t allowed to change kits or maybe use restock chests when playing Sudden Death.

If you are looking for the best Minecraft Capture the Flag Servers, we have a few to choose from below.

Mox MC


Mox MC is an excellent Minecraft server, Capture The Flag is one of the many minigames you can play. The server is extremely popular and offers a myriad of games like Minecraft Prisons, Bedwars, Parkour, Cops, and Capture The Flag.

Perhaps the best thing about Mox MC is that it has over 50,000 discord members, and there are new mini games being added. That way, if you want to play other minigames in addition to Capture The Flag, there are always more options.



Cubecraft is amongst the most popular Minecraft minigame servers. It is one of the best servers to play Capture The Flag and other games like EggWars, Skywars, Survival Games, and more.

Perhaps the other cool thing about the server is that you can use it on the game’s Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition. Anyone with a copy of Minecraft can connect to the server and start playing, which is truly amazing.



It was considered the most popular Minecraft servers in existence. Though things have changed a lot over the years, trust us when we tell you it is still pretty epic, with a large selection of mini-games, including Capture The Flag.

Capture The Flag is amongst the most popular games on the server, in addition to Survival Games, Block Hunt, Skywars, and Cake Wars.

Blocks MC


BlocksMC is an excellent Capture The Flag server. However, it is also home to other mini-games like TNT tag, Bedwars, Eggwars, Kit-PVP, etc.

The good thing about the server is also that it is cracked. That means that anyone is welcome to join even if they don’t have an official copy of the game. The server offers a pretty strong roster of games and a large number of players to play with.



It is the most popular server and hosts Capture The Flag amongst other games. The server has over 100,000 players during peak hours, and that alone makes it worth the price of entry, especially for a game like Capture The Flag, where you need others to play against.

Article written by Chilly
Chilly is a Minecraft player with an appetite for adventure. He spends his days digging deep into the earth, looking for rare materials to craft new blocks and tools. He's always on the lookout for new challenges, which he can find in the form of difficult dungeons or intense battles against other players.

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