So you want to know how to breed horses in Minecraft?

It's actually pretty simple and breeding horses in Minecraft takes just a few steps.

With the right materials and the horses ready, you can have a foal in a few steps.

Steps to breeding horses in Minecraft

  1. Tame two horses by trying to ride them non stop with an empty hand until hearts appear
  2. Feed the two horses either golden carrots or golden apples to activate "love mode"
  3. You should then see a foal (small baby horse) that can be fed to mature faster

Taming the horse in Minecraft

To breed horses in Minecraft, you have to tame the horses first. To tame horses in Minecraft, you need to mount the horse. You mount a horse by right-clicking on it. When you right-click, it might buck you off. This is common with all horses. However, with patience and perseverance, you can take the horse.

With each click, the horse's temper increases by 5 points. The horse has a temper with a specific number value that falls between 0 to 99. As you increase the points by each click, you are moving towards taming the horse successfully. When you attain a value that is higher than the horse's temper, you have successfully tamed the horse.

This means you might need to click on a horse, that is mount the horse, multiple times before you can tame it.

You can increase your taming speed by feeding the horse with apples, wheat, or sugar. When you feed the horse any of these items, its temper will increase by 3 points.

Materials to breed horses

Materials to breed horses

To breed horses, you need 2 adult horses. Also, you need 2 golden carrots or 2 golden apples.

You do not need much to breed horses. You can use carrots or apples. However, using carrots is better. They do not offer buffs and only need gold nuggets.

You have some options to explore in getting carrots. First, you can go to the village. There are nearby villages where you can search to find carrots. Secondly, you can kill zombies to get carrots. If you need more carrots you can kill more zombies. If you have fewer carrots than you need, you explore another option. You can grow carrots. Then you will do some farming and produce your carrots.

You put your carrots together and get some gold. You have to do some mining to locate gold ore. You can also get some just below surface area if you are close to badlands. Get these gold ore and begin smelting.

After the smelting is done, convert your ingots to nuggets. You do this using the crafting menu. To get a golden carrot, you have to strategically slot it in the middle-most position of the menu and slot in golden nuggets around it. This is how you create your carrot. You will need 2 carrots for breeding.

The next material you need for your horse breeding is your horses. To get horses, you have to search for them. Ensure to search for horses where they are likely to spurn, that is the plains or savannas biomes. Get 2 adult horses.

Now that you have your horses and the carrots to feed them, the next step is the breeding proper.

Breeding your horses

How To Breed Horses in Minecraft

To breed your horses, get them close together and feed them a golden carrot. When you feed them the golden carrot, this will activate the love mode in them. The feeding will result in a small foe. While feeding the horses, ensure that you do not repeat the feeding for a horse. If the horse is the love model already, if you feed it extra, you will not have any result.

Aside from breeding horses to a foal, you can breed a horse with a donkey to get a mule. The process of breeding a horse with a donkey is not different from the breeding between horses.

You place a horse and donkey close to each other. Then you feed them the golden carrot. The result is a mule.
Unlike the foal that can grow and be bred, you cannot breed a mule. You cannot breed a mule with a horse, a donkey, or another mule.

Points to note:


Breeding horses in Minecraft is not difficult. With enough gold and carrots, you can breed horses in a few steps. To get a horse with impressive stats, breed horses with almost perfect stats as the foal takes its stats from its parents.

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