Best Minecraft Dungeons Servers

Minecraft Dungeons is a relatively new action-adventure game developed by Mojang Studios, Double Eleven, and Xbox Game Studios. The game was released over a year ago for Windows and across the Xbox console. It is also available on Steam for Windows.

The objective of Minecraft Dungeons is inspired by the famous Dungeons and Dragons game. Players get to experience the story of the game while battling mobs and looking / collecting treasure. It is an experience that is bigger, wider, and more expansive than any other, offering players hours of fun.

If you want to start playing Minecraft Dungeons, at present, there are only a couple of servers that have the game. Below is a list of the best servers we could find and play on.



Wynncraft has to be one of the best servers to play Minecraft Dungeons. The fantasy MMORPG can be grinding, and there are literally dozens of various resources, questions, and NPCs that players encounter, which means that the server needs to be up to snuff. Fortunately, Wynncraft’s servers are more than capable.

Players can play by teaming up with friends or other people on the server to fight bosses and explore the gigantic universe with towns, cities, and other locations. The giant adventure map can help you choose your class, craft weapons, and gear.

Holocraft SEA


Now the Holocraft SEA may be a small server, but it is a highly active, vibrant, and friendly server. The objective of the server is to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience to players.

During our time playing Minecraft Dungeons on Holocraft SEA, we found many interesting people who helped us with various aspects of the game. We also joined the community, which happens to be growing at the moment.

Survival Prison Slimefun DogeCraft


Now, if you want a custom Survival experience, then this is the server for you. It has a large active server player base, with a team of staff members who are always there to help.

There is advanced custom crafting for many tools that enhance the survival experience. The server also hosts events where players can explore and complete for rewards.



MINERAZE, is one of the few Minecraft servers that’s always running the latest version of the game. The focus of the server is to offer players a quality experience through a series of custom features and lots of unique content.

Players can create their own nations or towns, earn money, defeat monsters, complete quests and unlock unique 3D pets. All of these features make playing on MINERAZE an excellent experience, and that’s one of the reasons why it has made it to our list, despite having a few quirks and glitches. The glitches didn’t necessarily ruin our experience, but it is something to keep in mind.


Minecraft Dungeons is one of the best Minecraft games out there. We highly recommend that you play it, especially since it gives you a big word feeling that’s unlike any other Minecraft game. Furthermore, the servers above should help you get to a good start.

Article written by Chilly
Chilly is a Minecraft player with an appetite for adventure. He spends his days digging deep into the earth, looking for rare materials to craft new blocks and tools. He's always on the lookout for new challenges, which he can find in the form of difficult dungeons or intense battles against other players.

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