Best Minecraft Hexxit Servers

Hexxit is a very popular mini Minecraft game that has players gear up for legendary campaigns. The game features everything you'd want, including towering spires, dark dungeons, ruins, and tombs for you to explore.

As the player, you have the opportunity to create artifacts, carve out a story of your own, and tame beasts. If anything, there is a great deal of adventure that awaits you in Hexxit.

The game recently received a new selection of mods that focus mainly on adventure compared to anything else. If anything, these mods make it look and feel like an old Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

The exploration is fascinating, and you have a greater sense of satisfaction after cleaning out loads of riches from hidden locations.

However, not every server supports these mod packs but the ones listed here do.

So, let's jump right into our top choices

Enchanted Realm Hexxit


Enchanted Realm is home to the Minecraft Hexxit the way it should be played. The server gives players the chance to experience the adventure, unlike any other server, in more ways than one.

For starters, players benefit from custom-made events, staff-designed dungeons, and various contests. You get to solve puzzles, navigate through mazes and fight strange creatures. The build is marvelous, complete with seasonal events. The sever also has the casino and mob arena mods.

There is an in-game shop for players to buy items, too, including building materials. Plus, they are both PvP and PvE maps. However, for those who hate PvP, they can move to the regular map.

APOC Gaming Modpack Network


APOC Gaming is one of the larger multi-server, modded Minecraft server networks. The network hosts a range of other servers running anywhere from Minecraft 1.5.2 to above 1.16. All servers are independently hosted. Playing Hexxit on these servers is fun, especially since there are many worlds to explore and lots of people to explore them with.

They also have an active Discord server, which allows you to stay connected with everyone else.

ShadowRaptor Hexxit II | Hexxit 2


Now, if you are a Hexxit player that enjoys PvP action, then this is for you. The server allows players to raid and pillage as much as they like. However, this style of gameplay may not be for everyone.

We discovered the hard way that it was pretty easy to get raided. Also, the mods are very strict about following the rules. So, if one rule is broken, you can find yourself being booted. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but familiarize yourself with the rules.


There you have it, folks, the best Hexxit servers out there. While we are sure there are others we encountered, these happen to be the best ones we could find in terms of speed, number of players, and updated mods. So, players can't go wrong with them.

Article written by Chilly
Chilly is a Minecraft player with an appetite for adventure. He spends his days digging deep into the earth, looking for rare materials to craft new blocks and tools. He's always on the lookout for new challenges, which he can find in the form of difficult dungeons or intense battles against other players.

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