Best Minecraft One Block Servers

Minecraft One Block is a unique survival map that has players stranded on a single block floating in a void. Players need to survive, and the only way they can do that is to mine that one block they are on repeatedly.

The block has all the basic materials, and things get better as the game progresses. Players will go through multiple phases, and this otherwise infinite block upgrades to provide chests, mobs, and blocks.

Now that you know what the game is all about, here are our picks of the best servers to play it on.


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Foxcraft is part of the Minecraft Server Network that has been around for over a decade. It provides players with many classic game modes like Skyblock, Prison, Creative, survival, and one block. All the game modes have custom additions that help to keep things interesting and modern. There are custom modes like kingdoms, and there are a wide variety of special events.

While Foxcraft does not have several thousand players online at any given time, you’ll still have loads of fun playing Minecraft One Block on the server.


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PikaNetwork is perhaps one of the best cracked Minecraft servers open to those who have cracked clients and regular players. The player base is growing steadily, and one of the reasons for its growth is the number of players who enjoy the fantastic game modes.

While Minecraft One Block is one of the most fantastic game modes available, there are others like OP Prisons, Skywars, Bedwars, SMP, and various minigames.


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The JartexNetwork is another cracked Minecraft server that’s open for both cracked and regular players. The player base is growing, with one block being one of the more popular games on it. The good thing is that the server is its frequented by people from across the world, and there are many amazing game modes to enjoy.

Complex Gaming FTB

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Many people reading this may probably not have heard of Complex Gaming FTB, even though their servers have been around for a while. The exciting thing about this server is that you don’t just get to play One Block, but it has an active community that discusses and debates all things Minecraft-related. Newbie players are also welcome, which means if this is your first time playing Minecraft online, we’d recommend you start here.


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BrutalPrison isn’t a game but a server. The premium OpPrison server features drugs, PVP, gangs, frequent updates, and a technical support team. As a player, you need to make your way to the top of the prestige ranks, build a gang and get to the top of the leader board. Unfortunately, with many mature players already on the top, it can be challenging for a newbie to climb the ladder, but it is a worthy challenge.

Article written by Chilly
Chilly is a Minecraft player with an appetite for adventure. He spends his days digging deep into the earth, looking for rare materials to craft new blocks and tools. He's always on the lookout for new challenges, which he can find in the form of difficult dungeons or intense battles against other players.

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